August 13, 2021


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  

Glory to God in all things!

  As we have seen on the news, Covid is spiking.  Flagler County is 29% higher than the previous spike and is 61% more vulnerable than the rest of US Counties.  With the new Delta variant, it is not only the unvaccinated who are risk, as “breakthrough infections” are also occurring.  

  We are a community of love for each other and for everyone who walks through our doors.  And we place our trust in our Our Lord, who is faithful in all things, that we will come through this trial closer and stronger as a community.   

  We want to do everything possible to minimize the risk of transmission at church services and keep our doors open.  In event that there were an outbreak, we would be forced to quarantine according to CDC guidelines, which would mean the closing of church for at least one week.    

  We of course trust that anyone with symptoms will remain at home, and inform a family member, a neighbor, or someone at church in case of their need for assistance.  This will limit the main risk at church services, as with any other public location, to the spreading of the virus by those – regardless of whether they have been vaccinated - who are asymptomatic and unaware that they are contagious. The best defense at this time to limit this exposure, per CDC guidelines, is the wearing of face coverings.    

  Therefore, as a parish council, we are formally and respectfully requesting that everyone attending Church services, regardless of vaccination status, out of Christian charity and respect and consideration for all, wear face covering inside the Church building, effective immediately.  Sadly, we must also continue to cease Sunday School and coffee hour after church for the time being.  We will re-evaluate this status in several weeks and return to normal practices as soon as is safely possible.   Please let one of us know if you have other questions or concerns regarding COVID protocols.    

 We are all worn and weary with all of this, and we ask your forgiveness, but in the long term this is what is most prudent.  

In Christ,  

Jim Humphries, Warden, St Alexis Mission Council  

Orthodox Church in America

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